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  • Computer Application Technology

    Computer Application Technology

    Computer application technology professional training with theoretical basis of management, computer science and technology knowledge and application ability, master information management, information systems analysis and design methods and other aspects of knowledge and...

  • Computer Software And Theory

    Computer Software And Theory

    Computer software and theory is a branch of computer science, the main object of study is the modern computer and its related phenomena. It is now also taught as a school discipline. Computer science and technology research is the main target of modern computers and related...

  • Computer Architecture

    Computer Architecture

    Computer system architecture is the external property seen by computer language programmers or compiler writers. The so-called external characteristics, that is, the conceptual structure of the computer and functional characteristics, the main study of the basic working...

  • Computer Science And Technology

    Computer Science And Technology

    The major of computer science covers the major of software engineering. It mainly cultivates students with good scientific knowledge, systematically and systematically master the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills and methods of computer science and technology,...

  • Navigation, Guidance And Control

    Navigation, Guidance And Control

    The discipline of navigation, guidance and control has always been highlighted as the characteristics of national defense and space services. The combination of theory with engineering practice has been emphasized and the cultivation of highly qualified personnel has been...

  • Pattern Recognition And Intelligent Systems

    Pattern Recognition And Intelligent Systems

    Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System is a two-level discipline of control science and engineering. With the theory of information processing and pattern recognition as its core, mathematical methods and computer are the main tools to study the methods of processing,...

  • System Engineering

    System Engineering

    Systems engineering is a branch of system science, which is actually the practical application of system science. It takes the design of large and complex systems as the research object, and designs, develops, manages and controls according to a certain purpose so as to...

  • Detection Technology And Automation

    Detection Technology And Automation

    Detection technology and automation device are the prerequisites for acquiring, transmitting and processing information in industrial automation production. It is a comprehensive subject that is mainly application-oriented and closely integrated with theory and practice. Its...

  • Control Theory And Control Engineering

    Control Theory And Control Engineering

    Control theory and control engineering is the control system in the field of engineering as the main research object, the use of modern mathematical methods and computer technology, electronics and communications technology, measurement techniques, research systems modeling,...

  • Control Science And Engineering

    Control Science And Engineering

    Control Science and Engineering is a discipline that studies the theory, method, technique and engineering application of control. Based on cybernetics, system theory and information theory, control science studies the common problems in various application fields, that is,...

  • Signal And Information Processing

    Signal And Information Processing

    Signal and information processing is a subject of information and communications engineering under the two disciplines. This specialty is one of the hottest subjects in development today. With the development of the theory and technology of signal and information processing,...

  • Communication And Information System

    Communication And Information System

    Communication and Information System is the main pillar of the information society, an important part of modern high-tech and the nervous system and lifeline of the national economy. Information and Communication Engineering is a subject, under the communications and...