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  • Education Economics And Management

    Education Economics And Management

    Education economics and management is a new edge discipline and interdisciplinarity.

  • Social Medicine And Health Management

    Social Medicine And Health Management

    Social medicine and health management is an interdisciplinary group between medical science, social science and management science, including social medicine, health management, health economics, medical insurance, public health policy, health law, hospital management,...

  • Administration Management

    Administration Management

    Administrative management is the use of state power to manage social affairs. It can also refer to the administrative affairs of all enterprises and institutions. The administrative management system is a type of organizational system. It is an important subsystem of the...

  • Public Administration

    Public Administration

    Public administration is a kind of management concept and management model that is produced for the defects of government management. On the one hand, it emphasizes the "publicity" of management objectives, that is, public power must perform public functions;...

  • Forestry Economic Management

    Forestry Economic Management

    Forestry Economic Management course belongs to the social sciences and is the economics of the industry. It is based on the general and specialized economics theory. On the one hand, it studies the economic issues of the production, exchange, distribution and consumption of...

  • Management Of Agricultural Economy

    Management Of Agricultural Economy

    The management of agricultural economy is a series of work that plans, organizes, controls, coordinates, and stimulates economic activities such as production, exchange, distribution, and consumption in the total agricultural production process, and inspires personnel to...

  • Agriculture And Forestry Economic Management

    Agriculture And Forestry Economic Management

    The students of Agriculture and Forestry Economic Management study mainly the basic theories of management science and economic science and related basic knowledge of agriculture (forestry) science, and are subject to basic training in investigation, planning, technical and...

  • Technical Economy And Management

    Technical Economy And Management

    The professional disciplines that combine technical economics and management have important links with disciplines such as economics and macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, strategic management, corporate operations, corporate finance, investment and financing...

  • Tourism Management

    Tourism Management

    The discipline of tourism management is a secondary discipline under the first-level discipline of the business administration discipline, and it is a new discipline that studies the management of the tourism industry. In our country, this discipline has only been produced...

  • Business Management

    Business Management

    Business management is the general term for a series of activities such as planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling the production and business activities of enterprises, and is an objective requirement for large-scale social production. Enterprise...

  • Accounting


    The accounting major belongs to a second-level subject under the business administration discipline. This major has the knowledge and ability in finance, management, economics, and law, and has the basic ability to analyze and solve financial and financial problems. It can be...

  • Business Administration

    Business Administration

    The business administration major is a discipline that studies basic theories and general methods of economic management of industrial and commercial enterprises, and mainly includes the business strategy formulation and internal behavior management. The professional...