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  • Good Universities for Computer Science

    Good Universities for Computer Science

    Computer science is the study of the processes of computers and computational systems. Students who study this course gain knowledge about computation, hardware, software and computer systems, in computers science degrees combining theoretical and practical approaches. Unlike...

  • Best Computer Science Universities

    Best Computer Science Universities

    Best Computer Science Universities China known for its rich ancient history, colorful landscapes and an eye for its priorities always is home to many of the best computer science universities with excellent facilities, well trained staff and something for everyone. Schools...

  • Top Universities for MS in Computer Science

    Top Universities for MS in Computer Science

    Master-level studies involve specialized study in a field of research or an area of professional practice. Earning a master’s degree demonstrates a higher level of mastery of the subject. Earning a master’s degree can take anywhere from a year to three or four years. Before...

  • Top Universities Computer Science

    Top Universities Computer Science

    TOP UNIVERSITIES OF COMPUTER SCIENCE IN CHINA. Computer science is the study of computers and their uses, and the field comprises a wide range of subjects. They include software engineering and design, artificial intelligence theory, programming languages, information systems...

  • Top Computer Science Universities

    Top Computer Science Universities

    ●Tsinghua University This university is the world’s best for 33 out of a possible 42 subjects , and claiming top 50 positions for architecture, every branch of engineering including the new mineral and mining engineering ranking, chemistry, computer science, law, art and...

  • Top Universities for Computer Science

    Top Universities for Computer Science

    TOP UNIVERSITIES FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE ● Beijing Institute of Technology BIT is a national key university, a research-oriented university with science and engineering as the focus. It ranks top 100 among the universities in Asian an one of the first universities to run a...

  • PHD in Electrical Engineering

    PHD in Electrical Engineering

    PhD IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING The PhD in Electrical Engineering is a three and a half or four year program for international students taught in English. Students can start the program in September or February each year. Students on the Electrical Engineering PhD Program can...

  • Electrical Engineering Degree Requirements

    Electrical Engineering Degree Requirements

    ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS ●The applicant is expected to study hard, observe and respect the Chinese laws and the regulations. ●The applicant must be in good mental and physical condition. Note: A medical examination should be taken and medical documents...

  • Electrical Engineering Masters Programs

    Electrical Engineering Masters Programs

    ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MASTERS PROGRAMS ● Electrical and computer Engineering The objective of this program is to equip graduates, who seek a career in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), with in-depth knowledge in signal processing and control techniques for the...

  • Electrical Engineering Courses

    Electrical Engineering Courses

    ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING COURSES Semester 1 Engineering Graphics, Linear Algebra, Algebra & Trigonometry, Programming in C Language, Orientation Program, Basic Chinese Speaking, Comprehensive Chinese, An Introduction to China, Physical Education Semester 2 An Introduction...

  • Courses in Accounting

    Courses in Accounting

    COURSES IN ACCOUNTING ● Accounting (CGA Concentration) The program aims at fostering globalized elite accounting professionals with solid accounting knowledge and skills, who are familiar with international accounting principles, and are qualified to work as accounting,...

  • College Accounting

    College Accounting

    Business Accounting is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to relevant users or entities such as potential shareholders, creditors (including banks or vendors), financial analysts, economists, and government agencies. Accounting can be...

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