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Changsha University of Science and Technology Apr 15, 2017


Changsha University of Science and Technology (CUST), is one of China’s TOP 100 public universities with 32,000 enrolled students, including over 200 international students, across three beautiful campuses. As one of the excellent universities in managing international students awarded by the Provincial Government, CSUST  offers abundant local government scholarships to many of the international students. With more than 60 Partnership Universities from 32 countries, CSUST has acamedicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and experts enjoying special allowance of the State Council. Many laboratories lie on the campus, with The Linear Track Test Center possessing the longest in Asia.Changsha University of Science & Technology (CUST) is a multidisciplinary university with a focus on engineering. The university offers such courses as engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts, law and fine art. While it focuses on undergraduate education, CUST has many doctoral programs as well, and is qualified to grant doctoral degrees and recommend graduatesAfter nearly 60 years of construction and development, CUST’s culture is based on its motto: “Be learned, independent, righteous and innovative”. Its school spirit centers on “solidarity, progress, rigor and pragmatism” as well as “down-to-earth, hardworking, dedicated and aggressive”. Since its establishment, CUST has cultivated nearly 200,000 specialized professionals for the industries of communications, electric power, water conservancy, light, economics and regional social development.CUST maintains ties with 52 universities and scientific research institutions from over 40 countries and regions including the US, Great Britain, France, Canada, Russia, South Korea and Hong Kong. CUST admits international students, of which there are currently about 200, with scholarships from the Chinese governmentIn the future, CUST will carry forward its tradition of excellent university management, not only by following university-management laws effectively, but also by reforming, innovating, and strengthening its own image and quality. CUST strives to be a world-class university with distinctive teaching and research capacities, but more importantly, produce talented graduates well rounded in morality, scientific knowledge, physique and the arts.



Scholarship refers to any financial aid given to students that doesn’t have to be repaid. Scholarships are given to students due to some reasons. Here at ACASC we assist international students in acquiring scholarship in China. Kindly surf through our website and explore the scholarship schemes we offer. Search for the scholarship that suits you and apply now!! These are the scholarship available in China.  They’re further divided into sub categories.


·         Chinese Government Scholarship

·         Confucius Institute Scholarship

·         China Scholarship Council



Chines Government Scholarship serves as a purpose in promoting the relationship between the Chinese citizens and other people from around the world. This scholarship scheme serves as financial support to brilliant but needy international students and scholars to enable them to study in China. The Chinese Government places more importance on these scholarship schemes and makes sure the right people acquire them. There are other scholarships available to international students who travel to China to study. Most provinces, offer local government scholarships, as well as some universities and colleges offer scholarship to brilliant students. The Chinese Government Scholarship is categorized under two types. Full scholarship and partial scholarship. The Chinese Government Scholarship is available to all level of course, ranging from Chinese language program to undergraduate programs, to research programs. International applicants can apply for the scholarship through the assigned authorities, institutions or the Chinese Embassy’s worldwide. Under the Chinese Government Scholarship, we have divisions.


·         Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme

·         China/UNESCO: The Great wall fellowship Scheme

·         Chinese Government Scholarship for EU

·         China/Pacific Islands forum Scholarship Scheme

·         Chinese Government Special Scholarship Scheme- Post-graduate Education

·         Distinguished International Student Scholarship



This was established to promote Chinese language and culture. International students interested in studying Chinese language and culture as well students interested in studying Chinese language and culture as well students Chinese teachers worldwide are encouraged to pursue this scholarship scheme. Confucius Institute scholarship covers Chinese language, Chinese literature, Chinese education, Chinese history and traditional Chinese medicine.




·         Brilliant students who study at Confucius institute worldwide.

·         Chinese teachers worldwide and people interested in becoming Chinese teachers.

·         Students who excel during examinations organized by the Confucius Institute Scholarship.

·         Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens.



·         Confucius Institute Scholarship covers tuition, on-campus accommodation and medical insurance.

·         A monthly stipend is given to students. The amount varies by the level of studies.


Institutions in charge of granting the scholarship:

·         Confucius Institute Scholarship

·         Chinese Embassy

·         Assigned Institutions



The objective of the CSC is to provide, in accordance with the law, statutes and relevant principles and policies of China, financial assistance to the Chinese citizens wishing to study abroad and to the foreign citizens wishing to study in China in order to develop the educational, scientific and technological, and cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries, to strengthen the friendship and understanding between Chinese people and the people of all other countries, and to promote world peace and the socialist modernization drive in China.


In summary, ACASC serves as a direct link for international students who wants to apply for scholarship in China to enable them pursue their desired course in China.