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Africa Students Union Nov 14, 2017

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Necessity, they say is the mother of invention. Once upon a time in the history of this University, a cocktail party, this affects the students directly and indirectly across the world. We woke up some time ago in the morning and surprise, students were formed a different kinds of groups to protect their interest. The school decided to solve their problems for them by creating one big group or family which is called the Africa Students Union. Together we stand, divided we fall is the motto of the Africa Students Union which is the importance of unity.

The Africa Students Union today has grown and has an opened arm to embrace every problem of each of the students; it is the responsible for the body to see to it that students are brought together under one umbrella. In addition to the earlier mandate of representing the interests of the students and changing the life of the students as well.  The Africa Students Union is responsible for the concerns of itself with all aspects of students’ welfare within and outside the University. Furthermore it operates and gives the activities of academic, cultural, religious, and recreational clubs and societies. It also helps the students to get themselves in foreign firms and gives them external organization. As soon as you are admitted into the university and you step foot on campus and you are from so far as Africa Continent you are immediately a member of the Africa Students Union family. We are a family which gives you the insight of the school and outside campus life. A member of the Africa Students Union is eligible and encouraged to participate in all the programs and events of the ASU.


The interests and welfare of the student body who are from Africa in general and the University in particular is first on the priority list of the Africa Students Union and goes by our words. The Union represents the whole students’ body in meetings with the president of the school. Everything they say it is for all the Africa students on campus. The Africa Students Union communicate to the school’s authority on behave of the African students on campus.


It is the priorities of the Africa Students Union to see to that all the African on campus prosper after graduation, so in view of this they invite cooperate organization to campus to select the best students.