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Architecture Study in China Nov 16, 2017

Architecture Study in China.png

Bachelor of Science in China is the simplest way to become Architect. China has the best architects in their country and when it comes to the world they are the best. 

Have you asked yourself why different nationals employ Chinese to build for them?Architectural Students are taught with modern technologies and their allowed to have practical. Architecture in China the students are educated in design, construction technologies, digital arts, the humanities, social sciences, and aesthetic expression and so many things. China has taken upon itself and also assured and pledged to the philosophy that architect students have a role to play in the aesthetic, social and cultural for the betterment of society. 

Chinese education is one of the best in the world and the school and the government see to it that all students are given the best treatment of what architecture does for the development of the environment and the world at large. We all know that architects are responsible for the development of the environment, responsible of the condition of how we should live, socialize and work. The school gives hopes to the future of the students and any kind of habitation that will bring innovative and progress to the society. In view of this they need to be well taught and how to solve and tackle the task of design with great skills, confidence, great attitude and vision.  

At least every university in China admits 65 students every year. The brilliant students are always given full scholarship which comes with free tuition fee, accommodation and monthly stipends from the Chinese government. Our undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture program is designed and taught around a great and well studio-based curriculum that hammers and emphasizes thinking through making. Our students are taught directly with materials and tools which are used on the field. We train our students to know that architecture is a multidiscipline program which comes with task and responsibilities. The goals of the architecture studies in China as a whole are to introduce architecture as a profession and a way of understanding our natural and built environments. This program prepares students to have broad knowledge about the things surrounding the world. At the end of the program the students will be able to work in any firm of construction and also be admitted into any university of their choice to further their education being masters and to the PhD level.