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Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design Nov 16, 2017

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The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design is one of the best courses on campus. It is designed to give the students in-depth thinking of the environment. The program is a multidisciplinary philosophy of the school of arts and active intervention in community and regional environments and the world at large through classroom or lecture hall activity, workshops, fieldwork and internships.

 As we all know, we are living in a modern world and everything is changing for the betterment of the society and the world. The Environmental Design program is to give each and every student good skills and understanding to analyze, and solve problems related to such change, with a good view toward community changes, social fairness, and the design of sustainable environments and the world. Also the Environmental Design program or course is to see to it that students acquire the knowledge of solving problems with ease, and applies the knowledge of social and behavioral science to plan and design community environments that affect, and are affected by, human behavior. 

The program helps students to build the environment and also functionality of towns and cities including the spaces used freely on a day-to-day basis by the general public. Furthermore the Environment Design program is responsible for the way people experienced and used places, as well as other infrastructure elements that contribute to the quality of community environments and the world as a whole. Environmental Designers are responsible for developing and protecting the land, streets and infrastructure for long term and short term used. Environmental Design Practitioner educate people on how to keep the environment clean and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities. It is obliged of environmental design practitioner to set up rules and regulations and the local officials concerning social, cultural, economic, physical, and environmental issues. 

At this university and this department gives insight of knowledge of understanding through skills, vision, confidence to build a healthy environment for the betterment of its people. The goals for study environmental design in China as a whole are to introduce to you as an environmental design practitioner the way they work and the way of understanding of our natural world and built strong and healthy environments. We welcome you to join us on how to help build a better, strong and healthy environment for the society and the world at large.