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Bachelors Degree in International Trade and Business Nov 23, 2017

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A Ba (Bachelor of Arts) or a Bs (Bachelor of Science) in an international trade and business course covers many different areas, such as, economics, marketing, law, social sciences, and finance. This opens up many diverse opportunities for the career an individual may choose upon completion of their degree. Their is also the opportunity to study abroad or participate in international student exchange programs. This allows the student the opportunity to acquire skills and gain experience firsthand which proves extremely beneficial. In general, many of these programs emphasize the importance of trade between places such as America and China, for example. These kind of courses take around 4 years to complete but may differ depending on the university chosen.


There is also plenty of emphasis on topics such as politics, culture and mainly law. The reason for the emphasis of such topics in an international business and trade course, is to understand how they affect international trade and the reasons why. Below are classes which are often required, but once again, this may differ depending on the chosen university, they are as follows:

Business statistics

Micro-economic principles (international)

International business communications


International business management


Global marketing theory


An undergraduate degree opens many doors of opportunity and is a degree of dedication.


The global economy of our world is constantly changing which increases the need for individuals with necessary skills and knowledge in courses such as these, in order to help improve our economy and markets locally and internationally. The knowledge of understanding the dynamics as to how to operate in a global economy is one which will not go to waste.