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Best Business Colleges In China Nov 21, 2017

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China is not only a country of heritage and culture but also one of disciplines which stresses the importance of education. This is one of the reasons why so many international students consider China as a country to further their studies in. This raises the question as to which college is of the best academically inclined institutions for an individuals specific major. Below mentioned are two such top establishments that are highly recommended and often chosen by many international students .

 Tsinghua University is a well established research university in Beijing and is a member of China’s C9 league. The institution has a motto of “self discipline and social commitment”, proving its dedication to academic achievements and strong will. This institution is one of the most cited universities in the world and has been ranked as one of the top universities in China.

Since 2016 the university 57 departments which facilitate for a wide range of subjects such as engineering, business, law

and medicine. The institution also has 20 schools.

With regards to student life there are more than 110 student associations which cover five different domains that are humanities, arts, public welfare, science and technology. These student organizations are open to all students and international students are most definitely encouraged to join these organizations as the university creates activities for international students to participate in especially during Chinese festive seasons

Tsinghua University’s rival competitor is the Peking University which is also located in Beijing. This institution is also a member of the C9 league, this institution is always among the top academically ranked in China. Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings has ranked it as one of the top 20 universities since 2017.

The university has 12 departments along with 30 colleges. There are 93 specialities for undergraduate students. Currently, there 216 research centers. The library on campus is also one of the largest of its kind in the Asian continent.

Dormitories for international students are available on campus. Staying off of campus is also allowed as dormitories depend on availability.

This university also has a partnership with the Freie Universitat Berlin in Germany.

 Both the Tsinghua and Peking University are above the most highly academically ranked institutions in China, therefore making them some of the most chosen by international students looking to study a major in business studies as well as other courses.