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Best Colleges To Study Economics In China Nov 21, 2017


Economic studies may be defined as the study of how scarce resources are used to create valuable commodities which are then sold or distributed among different groups of people by societies.


With China being so often chosen by students as a country to further their studies in regardless of which program they have chosen the question is often raised as to which colleges are the best to study economics in China. Without a doubt many of China’s institutions are of notable character with achievements undoubtedly remarkable. Two  institutions are below mentioned according to their rankings in order to help an individual understand the dynamics of a Chinese economics college and reasons to choose one to pursue an economics degree.


One such institution is the University of International Business and Economics which is located in the north east of Beijing. The university is under the ministry of education and was founded in 1951. Significantly UIBE is a part of Project 211, which is a program ran by the government wishing to turn at least 100 Chinese institutions into high quality faculties of academic distinction.


The duration of the course is 4 years and fees are given at what is only an estimate of ¥49 000. This applies to bachelor degree only as fees for non degree, master degree and doctoral degrees differ. In terms of accommodation, renting off campus is allowed, although there is a hotel on campus along with dormitories.


The institution is a leading university which welcomes international intellectual and academically inclined students that are willing to commit to this institution and help promote a better way of living for the generations to come by means of economic evolution.


Another well known institution known for its massive amount of academicians which are directly affiliated with both the Chinese academy of science and engineering, as well as being voted as one of the worlds 14 most beautiful campuses by Forbes magazine is the Tsinghua University also located in Beijing. This stunning university has a serene and peaceful environment once known as a royal garden during the Qing dynasty. This institution consists of 14 schools and 56 departments differing in the faculties they offer such as science, engineering, economics, medicine and many more.


Accommodation is available in dormitories on campus according to availability and renting outside campus is permitted. The estimated figure for a bachelor degree ranges between ¥24 000 and ¥40 000. Fees for non degree, master degree and doctoral degree differ.


Undoubtedly China offers many fine institutions all of which deserve to be taken into careful consideration by the individual.