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Best Degrees For Investment Banking Nov 21, 2017



Investment banking is an important career especially in capability economies where investment bankers play a vital role in order to help their clients raise capital to finance and grow their business activities. Investment bankers are simply advisory intermediaries in terms of finances who help to raise finances and put it to specific and beneficial uses.

In order to become an investment banker an individual would have to complete a degree in a major course, the discussion is always regarding which degree in which course would be most beneficial to an individual with the aim of becoming an investment banker.

In general, finance and economic graduate students are more often recruited by investment banks reason being that these students are competitive which is a skill much required in this career and also because they have most of the required knowledge.

Studies show that economic students tend to earn more as investment bankers compared to those with other degrees. They often earn salaries with six figures after having had five years of experience. These figures have been provided by which is a salary benchmarking website.

Finance students are second in line after economics students as they too have a competitive nature and the necessary knowledge to succeed in this specific field of work.

A major in accounting may serve just as beneficial as economics and and finance majors.

Business studies is another such major which may be beneficial as an investment banker, as understanding the market is extremely important. However the study of economics also provides the required knowledge to understand markets and their changes and trends.

Best choice: An Economics major

Reasons: A basic and practical understanding of Economics is required as this major covers business principles which is an important role. One of the other acquired skills in this major is understanding the market especially its ever changing trends. Market analysis is important and so is market prediction. The nature of students who study economics is also an important factor as these individuals tend to be very competitive which is an essential skill.

The job of an investment banker includes managing a clients money and the ability to sell products. This requires an individual of a persuasive and competitive nature. It is advised that along with having an economics major a few marketing classes would be just as helpful. Overall, economics is the major which is most beneficial in the path to being a successful investment banker.