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Best universities for Economics Nov 29, 2017

Best universities for Economics.png

Once you have chosen the career path you wish to follow, and once you are set on the idea of wanting to explore and experience new things while you study, you have now come to a conclusion that you are going to be studying economics abroad in china. The rest is easy. You just have to decide which university in China matches your criteria best. You obviously want to choose a university that is suitable for you as a person, one that is affordable and one that is internationally accredited so if ever you want to return to your home country or any other country, you will be able to be easily employed with your economics degree you obtained in China. Ranking the best few Economic universities in China is rather challenging because each and every one has different views, so we have compiled a few top universities in China, in no particular order. Use the information to choose the best suitable one for you in regards to what you are looking for and expecting from a university.

· Wuhan University - student body consists of 34 131 students and over 1 477 international students. It is ranked amongst the top 10 universities in China and has cooperative relationships with more than 300 universities.

· Peking University - ranked in the top 20 of the best universities in the world and has 216 research institutions. Consists of 30 colleges.

· Xiamen University – ranked in the top 10 of China universities. Xiamen has 20 schools and 44 departments.

· Renmin University – it is highly recommended in China amongst other universities. It has 23 schools and 13 research institutions and holds about 1 165 international students.

· Fudan University – highly recommended as they are a member of the C9 league which is the schools Ivy League equivalent. They have four main campuses which enrols over 45 000 students, 1 760 being international students.  

· Zhejiang University – one of Chinas most oldest but most selected universities. Their library contains over 7 million volumes. Their student body consists of approximately 45 678 students, 3 407 are international students.

· Nankai University – it has 22 colleges and schools. The university has about 12 000 students of which 10% are international students from all over the world. It is ranked in the top 10 universities of China.

· Nanjing University – it is a member of Chinas Ivy League. Ranked in the top few comprehensive research universities. Has two main campuses

· Shanghai University of Finance and Economics – has about 1 569 different faculties and has approximately 1 615 international students.