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Best Universities to study Economics Nov 29, 2017

Best Universities to study Economics.png

Choosing economics as a career you would like to pursue is a very smart move, that way you will know exactly how to make rational decisions that can benefit not only you but the economy as well.

"Go for it! Economics is about a different way of thinking and looking at the world. You can apply the economic way of thinking to almost everything, not just to business or finance and such." – economics student.

Looking for a good university to help make your dreams come true as an economist doesn’t necessarily have to be a school of status as sometimes we are unable to attend them due to financial reasons or plain because you might not meet the requirements, but that doesn’t mean you are restricted from getting the education you want and deserve.

China was not always this upright and developed, there had been a time when China was severely down and under, but with time they have risen to such peaks where they are now one of the riches countries in the world with almost everything being made or manufactured there. China is known to be listed as second largest economy worldwide. Chinese people are very economically inclined as you can see by their achievements and wealth. China is one of the most invested countries in the world.

There are many spectacular economic universities spread through China, many which accommodate more than 10-15% of their student body being international students.

While experiencing one of the best economic universities in China, you are also able to gain so many skills by living abroad for the course. It will enrich your personality and you will gain a different teaching method as oppose to studying in your home country.

These are a few top ranked economic universities in China:

· Fudan University

· Zhejiang University

· Peking university

· Jinan University

· Nanchang University

· Xiamen University

· Wuhan University

· Renmin University

· Nankai University

· Nanjing University  

They have many different economic programs with many international students and are highly recommended all over China. These universities are equipped to accommodate international students needs and know exactly how to deal with situations. The best possible outcome would be for you to review each and every economics university in China and choose the one you like best, but if economics is your passion and you love living life to the fullest, then studying in one of these universities in China is a definite YES.