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BSc Actuarial Science Oct 30, 2017

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The course provides a sound grounding in the mathematical, statistical and financial concepts needed for insurance and actuarial work. The course is designed in a way that will enable students to take the United Kingdom professional insurance examinations with ease. Fourth year classes will provide an excellent preparation for the later professional examinations. Modern business requires not only technical ability, but also communication skills and familiarity with computers. Students will make use of various software packages, including Minitab, R and Excel.

Several classes will include project work, in which students will develop their abilities in report-writing. Further communication skills are developed through student presentations.

Most of our graduates can successfully find employment as trainee actuaries with insurance companies or firms of consulting actuaries. Some students can chose careers in other fields such as banking, stockbrokerage and financial mathematics. Graduates can find employment in Insurance firms as trainee Acturists or with insurance and fund management companies or other firms as consulting Actuarists. Graduates can choose careers in other fields such as banking, Stockbrokerage as financial analysts and as Mathematicians and Researchers.