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BSC Economics Nov 23, 2017

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BSC stands for Bachelor of Science and is an undergraduate degree given upon completion of a course. A BSC in an economics course is one which is a three year course.


There is a difference between a BA in economics and a BSC in economics. A BSC mostly focuses on the mathematical aspect of economics and is compulsory if you wish to acquire your BSC. Math and econometrics may be chosen to do by the individual who is in a BA course but is not compulsory. It is advisable to acquire a BA degree for the individual who wishes to pursue other social sciences studies in the future.


It cannot be given as to which is the best degree between the two as that is solely dependent on the student and what they wish to pursue after graduating. A BSC is a specialized degree which is why it is often more used in fields such as technical or science related. A BA emphasizes the importance of social science, humanities as well as languages.


Most institutions do offer the option of BSC or BA in economics as well as other courses. However the choice made is dependent on the individuals academic results, most importantly their math academically results. It is also commonly known that students who do not have good math results choose to do a BA program in economics.



Which ever option may be chosen, a major in economics opens up many doors of opportunity offering many jobs in various fields, such as:

· Economist

· Data analyst

· Chartered accountant

· Chartered certified accountant

· Chartered public finance accountant

· Economist

· Forensic accountant

· Stockbroker

· Investment analyst

The above mentioned are jobs which are directly linked to the degree, other jobs where an economics degree could be useful and beneficial are:

· Data scientist

· Actuary

· Quantity surveyor

· Management consultant

· Diplomatic service officer


Graduated with a BSC degree in economics often find jobs being offered to them by consultant agencies, banks, government departments, insurance companies, non profit organizations and accountancy firms. This does not only apply to graduates with a BSC, BA graduates may also have these job opportunities just not as often.


The life after graduating and it’s success is determined by the individual. The type of degree completed helps provide necessary skills but cannot guarantee the amount of earnings or the success the individual will have. That is solely dependent on the graduate student. These factors are important to take into consideration before applying into an institution.