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BSc Pharmacy in China Nov 01, 2017

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Despite the tremendous progress achieved in the field of Pharmacy today we are facing new challenges that need more coordination and planning between the different decision makers at the Ministry of Health at the national level from one side and the academic institutions offering pharmaceutical programs from the other side, to determine the level of education needed in the world. 

The College of Pharmacy at the University, aims to lead this initiative, through the expertise of its faculty and staff, as defined in the mission and objectives and outcomes of the BPharm Program. The College of Pharmacy will be providing the students with the knowledge and skills to successfully face these challenges in a systematic academic manner that shall evolve continuously to meet these developments. 

The programs offered are dynamic and flexible to address the new challenges. Basic and Medical courses are integrated and clinically oriented. The learning methods will be dynamic and diversified; an innovative approach which combines the conventional learning methods to the clinical simulations which allow the students to acquire the clinical skills in a clinic like environment. The physical clinical training program will enhance the clinical skills of the students during their clinical training period, under qualified and dedicated clinical faculty and staff.