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China’s Social Atmosphere Nov 24, 2017

China’s Social Atmosphere.png

So you’re considering leaving South Africa to study a degree in China? There could be many reasons for this which are all understandable by me as a South African student, because here i am in China pursuing a degree in MBBS. If you’re reading this, that means you have plenty of questions which are all about to be answered. The following are only topics regarding China’s social situations covering aspects such as communication, foods and accommodation. The ACASC website has more articles regarding the academic aspects of China. 


Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province

As of recent times. Hebei University has been one of South Africans top choices for a degree such as MBBS. For discussions regarding the academic view, please view the website mentioned above.



Zhangjiakou is in the Northerhn region of China, it is in the same province as Beijing-Hebei province. Due to being located in the North, it is extremely cold from October, and then extremely warm from March. There is snow during the Winter season and it is recommended that South African students buy all their winter clothing here as it is more suitable for this kind of weather. (Woolworths and Edgars jackets will not help, trust me)



Zhangjkiakou has many different shopping complexes with different price ranges. There is definitely no shortage of fashionable clothing, shoes or accessories. With regards to grocery shopping, there are stores such as Tesco and CSF. These two are China’s version of Shoprite and Pick n’ Pay. There are also many affordable online stores such as Taobao and Jingdong, these apps need to be linked to a Chinese bank account and then its as easy as Kalahari or Takealot.


Moving around:

There are an endless amount of taxis available whose starting fee starts at 6 RMB. With the current rate of currency this is R12. There are also extremely affordable e-bikes which can be charged via a plug socket in your home. They are lightweight and convenient and almost all students on campus use them to move around.


The atmosphere here is welcoming to not just South Africans but all nationalities. This is a peaceful place to study and it not a difficult journey as it may seem. Services are affordable and the city barely has a crime rate relative to South Africa.