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China-The World Latest Academic Portal Nov 24, 2017

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For many years, students have to fled to China to pursue degrees of all kind, making China one of the worlds top choices for international students. China has fast become a country dedicated to creating world class institutes for both its local and international students. This has led to many younger students who still have to choose their location of studies, question why.  


The answer to this is why not?

China has many notable institutes which are recognized and have achieved many high academic achievements. China is also relatively affordable and has a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all international students. There are plenty of resources available for all nationalities whether it be academic resources or social resources. Chinese people are warm-hearted and kind, they are of a compassionate an loving nature  to all those who live in and have moved to their country.


There is a major difference in languages and dialect, and some individuals may view this as a disadvantage, as it would seem to cause difficulty when trying to communicate. This not the whole truth. Although there is a language difference, most locals in all parts of China understand basic English and are very helpful as they do try to communicate. China’s younger students who are in university speak good English and are capable to communicate to an excellent level with foreigners. Chinese people are accommodating to all languages, whether it be English, Arabic, Ghanaian or all other languages of the world. They try their best to understand and communicate making the foreign student feel welcome and at home.


Before arrival in China, it all seems so difficult and impossible with regards to so many aspects such as language and communication, food and currency, accommodation and studies. There is no need to worry or panic. As a famous Chinese proverb says: “An army can conquer a general, but no man can rob one of his ambition”. This proverb emphasizes the importance of ones ambition which cannot be taken away by anyone. If a student has the ambition to study and is contemplating whether to do so in China, he/she definitely should, as China is a welcoming country with an amazing atmosphere combined with notable institutes of great academic achievements, which are all so affordable.


An opportunity to study in in this amazing country is one which should not be missed.