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Civil Engineering in China Nov 17, 2017

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It is here again and for now students are thinking of the courses or programs to study and which university they want to be enrolled in. Do not think or stress that much if you can across this honorable university link. In this university everything is based on academics, and we have good lecturers who are well trained with good teaching skills. You do not need to be worried about the language barrier; the school has a medium of teaching every student how to use simple Chinese in everyday life. The School and the lecturers will continue to motivate the students to enhance their skills, knowledge and research and writing of thesis.  It is the responsibility of the university to see to it that every student have equal attention. The Faculty and Staff in the School and the Engineering Department of Sciences are dedicated and well trained to providing first-class education that upholds and instills strong fundamental knowledge and sense of humor for sound practices in science and engineering for the well-being of society. In everything the School does they put the students first because the students are their first priority and they uphold them in high esteem. All prospective applicants are entitled to scholarship in the school provided the student provides correct and strong or good academic records. The Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering is a four year program which comes with so many tasks. After graduation students are awarded with a certificate which is recognized by the whole world.

Required Documents

1. Passport ( scan the bio-data )

2. Birth Certificate

3. High School Certificate

4. Physical Examination form will be sent to you vie e-mail, print it and take it to the hospital to do the test and scan, add it to your documents and sent it back to us

5. Police or criminal form from your country

6. Please provide correct necessary relevant certificates

7. Read the online form carefully and fill it

8. Provide correct and existing e-mail and postal address

We welcome you and pray that you would be part of this great institution to acquire your certificate to better yourself in the world as a whole.

Note the university will not hesitate to refuse or decline you an admission if your documents are fake.