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Department of marketing andentreprenuership Oct 24, 2017


Astute marketing practices are the bedrock of successful enterprises the world over and effective and efficient customer management is also an absolute for the success of any business enterprise.

The Department is an innovative unit that continues to define its mission around the creation of world class marketing personnel for public, private, and beyond the world and also facilitates the continuing professional development of its members. The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship is one of the best academic departments of the University as well as has well qualified and experienced lecturers.

In line with the vision of the school, the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at the school is a world class Department providing marketing and entrepreneurial education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. China is the world market centre so it would be best if you chose to study here and again it will boost your innermost abilities to deal with any kind of business around the world.

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