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Doctorate in Economics Nov 23, 2017

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A pH.D degree program is one which must be completed if an individual has the aim of acquiring a doctorate in economics as it leads to a doctoral degree. The program is full time. The first year consists of comprehensive coursework in mainly economic theory and econometrics. The preliminary is at the end of the first year.


Students are required to work closely with their faculty in seminar courses as well as workshops in their 2nd and 3rd years. During this time period students begin their own research as there is a close relationship with the faculty and student, which enables this action.


Students may apply to teach their own course at a seminar, only after being a teachers assistant at seminars for undergraduate courses, this step is rather beneficial for completing a doctorate in economics. This opportunity provides the student with a chance to practice their skills while gaining advice and important feedback from faculty members who are already recognized for teaching economics to undergraduates . Most institutes emphasize on teaching and it’s importance as well as aiming for high quality teaching.


Below mentioned are a few requirements, these are general requirements which may differ with the individuals chosen academic institute, they are:

· A bachelors degree  in economics


· The equivalent of a bachelors degree which must be recognized by an institution

· Completion of courses requested


Below are the courses which are generally requested, again, this is not applicable to any institution and is a general outline, they are as follows:

· Vector calculus

· Calculus with applications

· Linear algebra

· Intermediate microeconomics

Recommended courses are as follows:

· Econometrics

· Elements of statistics


Successful progression through this program may take four to five years, but this time frame is not applicable to all institutes.


In order to have a complete application while applying for a doctorate in economics, the following must be ensured:

· The required fee as an application fee must be paid

· Three letters of recommendation are compulsory

· Transcripts of previous institutes must be handed in or can be uploaded online via the chosen universities official web page

· Required TOEFL or IELTS scores are handed in, in certain institutes this is not required if the student has English as a first language


Courses generally offered while completing a doctorate are economic history, econometrics, health economics, labor economics and industrial organization.


Completing a doctorate in economics has many benefits but is only successful if all courses are complete and the individual puts in the necessary effort.