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Economic universities in china Nov 28, 2017

Economic universities in china.png

The people`s republic of china have managed to make china the world`s second largest economy by nominal GDP and the world`s first largest economy by purchasing power parity. China is also the fastest growing major economy with the growing rates averaging 10% over 30 years. Due historic and political facts of china`s developing economy, china`s educational sector of economy is also improved to an extent level. The country is a global hub for the manufacturing and the largest manufacturing in the world, also the largest in exporting goods to various Countries, it has free trade agreements with countries like New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, South Korea. The provinces in the coastal of china have a lot of industries so making the importation of raw materials in the country being at a bigger scale.

Due to all that china has become as an outstanding in terms of economic sector and hence building a lot of universities with good education quality to improve the economic sector. The information of all universities are layed out by overseas programs or the study in china programs, below you will see the list of some of the top most ranking universities basing on the courses of economy program. For example; university of international business and economy, it teaches about finance and economics it is found in Beijing city, another is shanghai advanced institute of finance, found in shanghai city it has the high ranking of top 5 universities others include central university of finance and economics, Dongbei university of finance and economics, Wang Yanan institute for studies in economics, Xiamen university,  Hebei GEO university  found in Shijiazhuang, the list of china`s economic universities is so big, the others u can find them in the website learn more about each university.

Students who take economics in china they get to enjoy a lot because all the hardships basing on studies is reduced and the system reduces pressure for students. So you find yourself having ample time for everything including the surrounding social activities, personal studies, and sometimes joining in volunteer groups or spending time with friends and following on the up to date news.

Some of the universities that teach the economics program have more than just one program. For instance an economic university containing  various other courses like science courses (medical courses), Engineering courses, Agricultural courses, Land and Mineral courses and many more, hence having many students taking different majors and still socializing together by sharing each one`s perspective. Personally I would say it is such a good feeling to be in china study and graduate in any one of china`s university.