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Economic University and Rankings in China Nov 23, 2017

Economic University and Rankings in China.png

Economic studies have been most commonly defined by the usual words: “studies of scarcity and choice”. This study is about production, distribution as well as consumption of both goods and services in any given economy.


China has lately become one of the top choices for international students all around the world, to pursue their studies in. Below mentioned are some of China’s best universities which are among the highest rankings, only a few of their advantages are listed, and more research should be done on the chosen institute.


Beijing Foreign Studies University


Ø Students are taught in English and only join Chinese students in their senior year.

Ø Students receive admission is both spring and autumn semester.

Ø Students can choose partner universities in their third year, such as Canada, Russia, Netherlands and many more which gives students the chance to exchange knowledge.



Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance


Ø A member of both Projects 985 and 211.

Ø University ranking of top 5 in China and top 100 in world.

Ø First business school in China.

Ø Member of China’ C9 league (league of China’ s 9 most elite universities.


Southwestern University of Finance and Economics


Ø Ranking of best university in China for finance and economics .

Ø Most staff and Chinese students speak Chinese.

Ø Campus is extremely beautiful with a peaceful atmosphere.

Ø Guards surround university making it a safe environment.


University of International Business and Economics


Ø Ranking of one of China’ s best economic universities.

Ø Offers programs in English.

Ø Most popular university in China for economics degree, international trade and business.


Beijing Institute of Economics and Management


Ø Offers an immersion into Chinese language and culture.

Ø Beautiful and peaceful campus with serene atmosphere.

Ø Staff and Chinese students speak good English.

Ø Affordable for most students.

Ø Accredited and recognized.

Ø Quality education for all programs including languages.



Capital University of Economics and Business


Ø Chinese students as well as university staff speak good English.

Ø International dormitories on campus are known for the excellent service they provide.

Ø Offers short term programs in economics and other programs as well.


Dongbei University of Finance and Economics


Ø Ranking of one of the top 3 universities in China.

Ø Students are allowed to legally work.

Ø Paid internships are offered.

Ø Over 40 staffs members are have international experience.


These notable institutes in China are definitely to be considered due to their high rankings and academic achievements.