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Best Colleges To Study Finance In China Nov 21, 2017


With China being so often taken into consideration for students to further their studies in, the question is seldom raised as to which institution is regarded as the best for a specific major. With regards to financial studies China no doubt offers a list of notable and well established colleges, making it difficult to make a choice.

The below mentioned universities are amongst those highly recommended for their achievements and are often chosen by international students.

The Tsinghua University located in Beijing is one of the most well known and most chosen of institutions by international students. It was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the worlds 14 most beautiful campuses and is mainly known for its large amount of academicians whom have been and are affiliated with not the Chinese academy of science but the Chinese academy of engineering as well. Apart from having a beautiful environment which was once known as a royal garden in the Qing dynasty, there are 14 different schools along with 56 departments which differ in faculties.

A bachelors degree has a maximum estimated cost of ¥40 000, with the minimum estimated about differing. Fees for non degree, master degree and doctoral degree in this course differ.

This institution is well known for its academic achievements and is no doubt one of the most notable institutions China has to offer.

Another reputable and one the most chosen institutions is the Peking University also located in Beijing. This university belongs the China C9 league which is an official alliance list of China’s most prestigious mainland universities. This institution has a partnership with the Freie universitat Berlin in Germany and admits many international students every year.

 The academic reputation is 99.8% and has 49% international students. The environment is beautiful and serene as it’ neighbor is the Summer Palace with the university occupying 2 743 532 square meters. This well established institution has an excellent faculty of 53 members belonging to the Chinese academy of science, 14 members of the third world of academic sciences and 7 members belonging to the Chinese academy of engineering.

This faculty makes the institution unique, well established and academically reputable.

 Both the above mentioned institutions are recognized, well established and reputable. Dormitories are available on campus and staying off campus is permitted. Environments are welcoming atmospheres to all students.

 Acceptance into any of these institutions are based on the individuals academic results as well as the availability of seats.