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Foreigners in China-Student Story Nov 20, 2017

Foreigners in China Student Story_副本.png

Student from Ghana studying MBBS in China has this to say to his fellow prospective applicants around the world. I am Emmanuel Darko Senior currently studying medicine in China, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Studying in China is like studying in any part of the world but the quality of the educational system is what matters and the type of the university plays a major role in your career. Medicine in Hebei North University is where a cohesive and energetic residential community and platform has been established to enhance our learning experience and skills beyond the traditional lecture hall settings and the way they teach is a world class phenomenon. I am very much happy to be here and I am enjoying my university’s life in one of the best universities in the world, the lecturers and the students are friendly and these are inspiring and helpful. The professors who teach us always encourage us to participate in the sports activities, drama, team-building activities, such as kin-ball, which aims to improve our physical well-being and interpersonal skills. It is very great opportunity to be here and learn more about the Chinese cultures and from my classmates who are from Europe and their lifestyles and taste. The university is now my home to be here and I am very grateful that I have found peoples who have good sense of humor and I am happy belonging in a foreign land.

As an international student from Ghana, it is more likely for me than it is for local students to encounter problems, simply because I have just started a new life in this city so in view of this the university guide every students on

every move that you make. I had like to thank Dickson a friend from Ghana who is was in his 4th year when I started for telling given me the limelight to apply to this school, also to Luke Mintah who offers me help when I needed and barbers my hair on campus. Winnifred and Sika, these students were my mother on campus, they cooked for me, and they took me to the hospital when I was sick in the night sometime ago. I remember very well upon my arrival, my visa somehow had some problems and I was quite desperate, a word from both these calmed my nerves down. In my eyes, their sincerity, sense of humor and kindness are one in a billion.