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Gannan Medical University Apr 15, 2017


Located in Ganzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in south of Jiangxi province and beside Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Gannan Medical University (GMU) is the only medical university of Bachelor Degree in Jiangxi province. Professor Han Jisheng, an academician of China Science Academy, works as the honorary president of GMU. GMU was founded as Ganxian Advanced Midwifery Vocational School of Jiangxi Province in 1941, developed to Gannan Medical Technical School in August 1958 and was updated to GMU in April 1988. GMU was eva luated to be excellent in teaching level of bachelor degree by the Ministry of Education of China in 2007, jointly cultivated graduates with other universities in 2001 and postgraduates in 2008, and currently becomes an important base for cultivating medical talents, supplying scientific service and innovating knowledge in Gannan, west of Fujian province, north of Guangdong province and east of Hunan province.





GMU has 2 campuses, Huangjin Campus is located in University Town, Ganzhou Development District, Ganzhou 341000, Jiangxi Province, P.R. China. Zhanggong Campus is located in No.1 Yixueyuan Road, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou 341000, Jiangxi Province, P.R. China

3,600 RMB/double room

1,800 RMB/quartet room


Provincial Graduate Quality Courses of GMU are Authorized

Recently, it is known from the Education Department of Jiangxi Province that 2 graduate courses of GMU are approved as Provincial Graduate Quality Courses in the selection of Graduate Quality Courses in Jiangxi Province. It is the first time for GMU to win this honor.

The two courses are "Molecular Biology Experimental Technology" and "the New Development of Ultrasound Medicine". Associate Professor Wang Liefeng and Professor Ye Jun respectively are in charge of the courses.

The school will actively support the research and construction of these two courses, providing funding and working conditions for the construction of each quality course.