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Hebei North Medical School-A south African’s Perspective Nov 24, 2017

Hebei North Medical School-A south African’s Perspective1.png

Hebei North Medical School has fast become a top choice for South Africans wanting to pursue a degree in medicine. The institute is located in the city of Zhangjiakou, the province of Hebei. Every year many international students gain admission into this institute and its quite understandable why.


Being a South African citizen I chose China to study this degree due to South Africa’s university crisis in 2016. I do not go back on that choice and I don’t believe I ever will.


The university is quite big in size and is of a quite peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. There is an international building for foreign students on the campus, although there are daily interactions with Chinese students which are very friendly and speak good English. Courses are taught in English and professors and staff of the university are all very kind and helpful. Despite the language difference teachers try their best to accommodate all students of all languages. This environment is very helpful in the classroom.


Accommodation on campus is available in the dormitory building which would make it easier for students to reach class on time as well as facilities such as the library and canteen. With regards to the subjects a students first year in the MBBS course would consist of compulsory chinese language training in the first semester, followed by Chemistry, Math, Physics and pre medical subjects in the second semester. From second year onward students do medical studies.


Although the Chinese language sounds so complex and scary because it is compulsory for students, it is a beautiful language spoken in amazing tones. This is very beneficial as a life skill as well as helping students communicate while travelling or with their Chinese friends.


The Hebei North Medical school is extremely welcoming and does their best to accommodate everyone. There is a great faculty aboard, fees are affordable, staff and Chinese students are friendly, services are easily provided and the city in which it is located is a of a welcoming nature.


As a South African student I feel that any other students gaining or applying for admission to this institute would not be making a mistake, as it is a life experience and learning curve that comes once in a lifetime. Zhangjiakou is a city which welcomes everyone from across the globe. 

If you’re a student considering leaving your home country and studying abroad you’ve probably had enough people telling you the disadvantages and how difficult it’s going to be and how you don’t know what you’re doing. Well, time to focus on the positive side iof this journey you’re planning. The journey is only as hard as you choose to make it.


You could be choosing to do this because of countless reasons, you may seek a high level of education than the kind in your country, you may want to explore or you simply feel that this would be an experience of a lifetime.


Best reasons to study abroad:

1) Diverse Cultures:

Travelling and staying in another country gives an individual the chance to explore other countries cultures and belief systems. This is something which is an amazing experience and grows a students mind more than any textbook ever could. There are countless cultures in the world. Why not use this opportunity to explore at least one of them?


2) Independence:

This is a beneficial characteristic which we must all learn to have. Some of us learn it from a young age while some of us at a later stage. Whether you already consider yourself independent or not, nothing could possibly stem or grwo that independence more than studying abroad. It may seem difficult at first but studying abroad will teach you many different life skills which will later become applicable in all phases of life. Independence is a characteristic which we must all strive to have as much as possible so why not study and become independent in more ways than just one?


3) Higher level of education:

This is the reason most students move abroad, in order to achieve education of a higher and better level. This can most definitely be achieved by studying abroad and is not an opportunity to be missed as an education in any course never goes to waste. For the sake of academic success, relocating would be a good choice.


4) See the world:

 Travelling is expensive, but studying while travelling is knocking down two birds with one stone, so why not do that?


Whatever the reason you choose to study abroad, there are endless benefits, so stay firm with your decision, persevere in this journey and you most definitely will succeed.