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Hebei North Medical School-What to Expect in Your Freshmen Year Nov 27, 2017

Hebei North Medical School-What to Expect in Your Freshmen Year.png

If you’ve already gained admission into the Hebei North Medical School of Zhangjiakou, you are probably wondering what to expect next in your first year. Stressing where to go, when you’ll start class and what subjects you’ll do are all a normal concern.


The last thing you should do as a student is stress. As impossible as it may sound you need to prevent stress as it prevents you from enjoying yourself. The city of Zhangjiakou is a beautiful one and stressing will only make your life difficult here.


The university is one with a relaxing and calm atmosphere. The garden between buildings is a beautiful scenery, students and staff are both welcoming and you will find that almost everyone on campus is there to help you if you’re confused or need directions, you need only ask. The admission office which is located close to the campus has helpful employees who speak English and do their best in assisting each student. You will be told where to go regarding your visa as well as other procedures, and if you are still not sure, polite staff at the admission office have no trouble in writing you directions or further explaining. So you really need not stress about not understanding what you need to do.


With regards to the university itself, first years must do a compulsory course in Chinese language training. Though this may sound difficult the friendly professors are helpful enough and do their best in guiding students in this beautiful language. The following is an example of what a first year’s schedule would look like per semester. This is only an example and is subject to change:



First year: the freshmen year


First semester:

§ Chinese Listening

§ Oral Chinese

§ Chinese Reading

§ Chinese Characters


Second semester:

§ Chinese (Listening, reading, oral, character writing)

§ Chemistry (inorganic and organic)

§ Physics

§ Math


The first year of a student is extremely important with regards to their syllabus. The above subjects should be taken seriously as they are the foundation blocks for understanding the subjects that are to come in second year, such as, cell biology, medical physiology and systemic anatomy. All first years are excited to start the medical subjects of their course, yet as a student I advise you that subjects done in first semester are just as important. Learning the language will make your life living in China much more enjoyable.