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Hebei North University Nov 24, 2017

Hebei North University.png

Hebei North University is one of the universities attached to the ACASC function. I was admitted to Hebei North University by the ACASC function. Hebei North University is highly ranked and is one of the noticed universities in the country. 

The school has a lot of programs one can choose to study but my desired program was Medicine and in finishing this course I would be able to attain MBBS ( Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery).

The school has high qualiity materials for learning which makes it easier for students to make the best out of their study curiculum. The schoool has more than enough classrooms to accommodate much students. There is a supermarket fixed within the school which helps not to stress themselves in trying to but foodstuffs or items. The supermarket is big enough and anything one needs can be found there. Students save money and time for other purposes than to board a taxi or a bus to town for foodstuffs and other needs. The school has a library which is so large and can accommodate more than 600 students at a go. Different kinds of books are found in the library and whatever that bothers students, they are able to search for information from the books in the library. 

There is also a stadiuum behind the school in which students are able to exercise their body since sometimes the weather becomes cold and students don’t usually engage in any stressful work, thus, they need to exercise their body to burn cholestrol for students to be healthy and to keep them active. Students undertake examinations every semester in order to check if students really learn or understand what they are been taught in class. The teachers that are admitted to teach in the school are very knowledgeable and skiiled. They are very humble and therefore take to teach whatever students do not understand. There is also a fire control service very close to the school incase any emergency arises, they will be able and will be fast enough to reach the schools aid. The school also has a hospital affiliated to and have very humble, good and qualified doctors who are in the mood to help others in any situation. I think me being admitted into this school is not a bad idea but a good choice for me therefore I am encouraging all students who want to be future doctors to try this school and they will never regret.