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Hubei University of Medicine Apr 15, 2017


Hubei University of Medicine (HUM) is located in the center of Shiyan, the Motor City, in Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China. The city boasts several tourist attractions, such as Wudang Mountain, a sacred place of Taoism; Danjiangkou Reservoir, the largest artificial freshwater lake in Asia; and Shengnongjia Forest.HUM has over 15,000 full-time students and over 1,000 faculty and staff. It offers 12 undergraduate programs, covering medicine, science, management and engineering. The university hosts two nationally recognized majors, five provincially recognized majors, seven provincially recognized courses, three provincial teaching model centers, and five first rate level three hospitals. Along with emphasis on undergraduate education, HUM is developing graduate, overseas students, and continuing education.HUM has cultivated international relationships by exchange and collaboration with universities in America, England, Australia, Japan, Korea and other nations, promoting the development of disciplines and internationalization.

The MBBS program at HUM is a six-year program. There is an early introduction of preclinical topics, which provides the basics for medical studies in the subsequent years. There will be both theory and practical classes. Students are expected to grasp the necessary knowledge that is applied during clinical training.


Accommodation Building




Lecture Hall

Exchange students live in the international student’s dormitory. The room is equipped with an air conditioner, a shower, a washroom, a closet, desk and chair and water cooler. There are washing machines and micro-ovens on each floor. On campus, there is a hospital, a bank, a post office, supermarkets, canteens and Internet. Cost for meals for one person per day is RMB10-15.Besides the dormitory, three kinds of apartments are offered for international students:

1. University hotel: well-furnished includes daily house-keeping service.

2. International student apartment: furnished with an air conditioner, a television, a refrigerator, a telephone, Internet, a washing machine, a shower, a kitchen, etc.

3. Home stay

Pick-up service provided upon arrival: Hubei University of Medicine will pick up the students at the Wuhan Airport.


Hostel Room Interior

Prof. Frank Giblin from the University of Oakland visited Hubei University of Medicine

On the afternoon of April 8, Prof. Frank Giblin from the Univeristy of Oakland visited Hubei Uniersity of Medicine. President Tu Hanjun hosted the Welcome Ceremony. In attendance were Vice President Yan Shirong, key members from the Department of Scientific Affairs, Department of Human Resources, Graduate Department, and Department of International Affairs.

During the Welcome Ceremony, Prof. Tu Hanjun extended warm welcome to the guests, followed by a brief introduction to HUM, including the school size, postgraduate and international education as well as the five hospitals affiliated with HUM. Prof. Tu said HUM has established partnerships with universities in the UK, Australia and USA, and look forward to developing collaborations with UO in any possible areas. HUM and UO have its own strong points. HUM has large population of students and patients, but is lack of teaching, research and health care resources, which are just the strong points at the University of Oakland. He suggests that we explore possible collaborations in the following fields: student exchange, inviting UO’s professors to give lectures at HUM, HUM faculty going to UO for study and observation, and make joint efforts to contribute to medical development.

Prof. Frank Giblin gave a detailed introduction to the University of Oakland, the Eye Research Institute, and the retinal research. Prof. Frank Giblin was appointed as HUM’s Visiting Professors and presented with the Certificate of Appointment by President Tu Hanjun.

In the evening, Prof. Giblin gave a lecture on “How to prepare an excellent manuscript for an international journal”. The lecture was hosted by President Tu Hanjun, and more than 300 faculty and students in attendance. Prof. Giblin gave a detailed introduction on how to write an excellent manuscription from several aspects: the current status of Chinese articles, why do scientists publish, preparations before starting, construction of an article, technical details, revision and response to reviewers, and ethical issues. Jane Giblin gave a lecture on “Bringing Nature home- My life in the USA”.

After the lectures, the audience exchanged ideas with professors on how to write an excellent manuscript and life in the USA.