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International Students Office Oct 30, 2017

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The office is established to provide care and support for its partners who bring a variety and richness to the University’s culture which enhances PUC’s image in the local and global higher educational terrain.
The office also promotes and coordinates all University external relations, staff and student exchange programmes and international students’ welfare among others. The Centre’s mandate is to positively project PUC to the outside world as a world-class higher learning destination for local and International Students.

The duties of the office are as follows:

1. Create a platform for attracting International Students, faculty and volunteers.

2. Collaborate with Faculties, Departments and Student Groups of the University to ensure the general welfare of International Students, faculty and volunteers.

3. Take the lead in developing and maintaining international linkages and opportunities including exchanges for the University students, faculty and staff.

4. Provide guidance and counseling services to International Students.

5. Be the pivot around which the University International Programmes revolve.