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International Study Abroad Programs Nov 21, 2017

International  Study Abroad  Programs.png

With China offering so many study programs for foreign students the options are endless for any student wishing to complete a tertiary education .

The Hebei North University in Zhangjiakou, Hebei is well known for being a multi faculty university which has trained students from over 29 different countries .

 Courses offered include MBBS, Traditional Chinese medicine,Law and political, liberal arts etc. The course chosen is solely dependent on the individual and their wishes. Main courses include undergraduate, post secondary and adult education.

In total there are 12 colleges, with a strong teaching force on campus able to see to individual needs.

 The university occupies 80 000 square meters  and is government administered having more than 20 000 registered students.

 The most chosen program taken up is the 6 year long MBBS course available for foreign students as well. The program is also designed to facilitate learning for students of all languages. Most lectures take place in the international building of the university which is on the west side of campus.

The program is mainly chosen by individuals who wish to give back to the community and help develop the lives of those in their respective communities .

 Despite being a long course the reason it is most chosen is because it is one of the highest academic level courses offered and many students wish to better the lives of others around them. The university provides these students and all others with the tools and skills required to do so in life as it helps form innovative leaders who will play important roles in our society and help our communities.

 All courses chosen require a student to do a chinese course for the first two semesters of their course as this will help them in their social lifestyle as well as when communicating for academic purposes. The language is compulsory and should be taken just as seriously as the major should the student wish to succeed both in and out of the university .

 China has been chosen more than other countries offering international programs because of the high academic knowledge available as well as the welcoming atmosphere that helps a student pursue their studies. Before choosing a major, more in depth research should be done on the major itself as university information has already been provided in this article. Overall it is the students decisions that will determine their success, as the university and all institutions just provide them with the necessary tools and equipment.