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International Undergraduate Program Nov 13, 2017

International Undergraduate Program.png

The university is hereby recruiting students from all walks of life, the applications for international undergraduate program is open so a prospective student who wants to further his/her education can apply. All applicants should observed the following when applying,

· All applicants are warned to be vigilant and read the necessary or relevant information for the processing of applications before applying to this university.

· All applicants with good academics record from their former school being high school, degree holders who want masters’ degree and masters degree holders who want Phd can apply.

· Applicants are advised to write their home address correctly inasmuch as the successful applicants who the academic board selects to be admitted, the admission notice, letter and any other relevant documents will be posted to the said address.

· Applicants are also advised to choose a program which suits their previous academic records in order for them to gain admission into the university.

· Prospective applicants are to fill the application form correctly.

· Applicants will be chosen by the academic board based of results on the international regulatory body examination.

· Applicants are to submit their forms before the deadline elapses.

· Applicants who bring in fake results will be declined admission into the university.

· Students with good academic record both high school, degree holders and masters’ degree holders can apply for full scholarship.

· Partial scholarships are given to students with moderate results.

After all this is done applicants are advised to tick the box which says, I declare that the above information given is true and reflects my true academic results I will be responsible for any results if it is wrong. All applicants must note, an applicant who create or do not provide a true result will not be admitted into the university.

International students applying from their home country should visit the school link to access the school online application form for completion and submission. Students are to pay to the university a non-refundable fee to be able to complete the online application form. The fee can be made into the school’s address bank details or wire transfer. Scanned the bank receipt or pay-in-slip, results/ certificates and the admission form and submit it to the school. Students are to submit their document on time. All the documents need to be in PDF format or word. Note without the payment no application will be processed.