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Job Opportunities in the Information Technologies field Nov 23, 2017

Job Opportunities in the Information Technologies field_副本.png

Between the years 2016-2026, employment in in the information technologies field is expected to grow by 13 percent. This is one of the fastest rates of employment compared to all other jobs. According to studies, this may create 546 000 new jobs in the economy. The demand for individuals with knowledge in the information technology field will grow rapidly fast. This means that there will also be increases in an individuals salary due to the high demand of employees.


Below mentioned are a few possible job positions and a brief summary regarding them. This may be of help to students deciding if a degree in information technology is one they wish to pursue, or to help a graduate look at their career options upon completion of their course.




Job Title

Brief Description

Information security analyst

These individuals formulate and carry out the necessary security measures to protect many computers network and software systems on behalf of a company. A Bachelors degree would earn and individual an estimate of $92 000

Computer systems analyst

A computer systems analyst or as they are commonly known as system architects study the current systems of a company, and then formulate a solution which will help the company work more efficiently. A Bachelors degree would earn an individual at least $87 000

Computer programmers

Computer programmers have the job of creating and testing codes to help computer software and programs function more efficiently as they were initially intended. They simplify the programs with instructions so that employees may understand the system better, improving the company’s efficiency. A Bachelors degree would ear the individual an amount of $80 000

Software developers

Software developers are the individuals who are extremely creative in this field. Most software developers actually develop and create applications for people to use on their computers in their everyday lives. Other software developers create the systems which control networks. A Bachelors degree would earn an individual a large amount of $101 000



All careers in the information technology field require creativity and a thirst for knowledge in order to earn the individual the amounts given per year. It is an important field of work in our everyday lives and it is understandable why individuals with degrees in IT are so often required.