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Majoring in Economics Nov 23, 2017

Majoring in Economics.png

Economic studies is the study of resources, scarcity of resources and their uses. Economics are also able to read markets and their changes, hence serving an important role in our societies with our ever changing market prices.


There are many options in career choices after completing a major in economics that all individuals should consider based on their skills, talents and personal interests.


1. Credit analyst: The basic job of a credit analyst is to cut down business losses by analyzing clients and determining who may not repay debts. A bachelors degree is of course essential although on certain occasions the employer may look for a professional certification. In a country such as America there is an estimated earning of $70 000 a year.

2. Market research analyst: As the name suggests this job description is to find out which products buyers are looking for on the market while trying to maximize a profit as well as try to sell a product based on what’s trending. Once again a bachelors degree is essential and this job pays $63 000 in America per year.

3. Financial analyst: This jobs requirement is to analyze performances on the market in order to advise clients where best to invest their money in. It is recommended to have a masters degree to succeed even further in this career, this job pays $81 000 in both America and Canada

4. Actuary: This job requires the individual to help their client take calculated risks while trying to minimize risks. This kind of career is extremely successful in the insurance industry. An actuary would earn $98 000 per year and would require a bachelors degree in economics as well as a very strong background of subjects such as math and statistics.

5. Accountant: The job of an accountant is to carefully examine their clients financial records, in order to make sure their clients taxes are paid. A bachelors degree is required and preferably a certificate in a specialized area of economics. Accountants generally make $68 000 per year.


Majoring in economics is a very beneficial degree which can open many doors for many different careers such as a compensation and benefits manager, budget analyst, market analyst, sales, and bookkeeper. All of the above mentioned possible job opportunities should be explored in depth before a decision is made.


An individuals talent and skills in economics will determine their success in these careers no matter the choice made.