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MBBS Nov 21, 2017


The Peoples Republic of China consists of many excellent educational instituitions.One such instituition that is considered and chosen by many foreign students is the Hebei North medical university which is situated inHebei province in the city of Zhangjiakou. This instituition has the vision to educate and develop leaders by giving back to the community.

As expected an individual will often have worries regarding studying in a university overseas as it is required for the individual to reloacte from their home country to foreign soil. In order to study MBBS, many students have completed this difficult task and continue to do so.

 MBBS represents Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, this is a degree granted to those who have successfully passed the MBBS course. The course is a 6 year programme which includes an internship. Although some Chinese universities offer admission to students who do not have a chemistry or mathematical background, Hebei North university requires an applicant to have done chemistry and mathematics in their previous school.

 The term “universities overseas” often cause panic as much is unkown about them, however the MBBS programmes are approved by worldwide medical organizations so an applicant need not have this worry as to whether they will be able to practice outside of China at the end of their course.

Internships can also be done outside of China at a WHO(World Health Organization) recognized hospital.

 Like most medical universities there is pressure on each individual to compete and bring out the best in them academically. Such healthy competition is a must for a medical university as these individuals will later play important roles in our society, often having lives depending on them.

Despite the geographical and cultural change, these changes are not long term and have a positive effect on the students perception of life abroad.

 Many universities overseas do not grant foreign students scholarships, however Hebei North University grants a foreign student a scholarship each year based on their academic results and deication to their classes as well as respect to their teachers and peers.

 Although all medical universities require disipline in order to succeed, studying overseas requires far more dedication and self control. Rest assured, the Hebei North Medical University provides all students with the required skills to be not only a successful doctor but an innovative and strong willed leader in their respective communities.