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MBBS Curriculum-Hebei North Medical School Nov 27, 2017

MBBS Curriculum Hebei North Medical School.png

The Hebei North Medical School is located in the Hebei province in the city of Zhangjiakou, China. This university is often chosen by international students wanting to pursue a degree in medical studies in China. This institute is affordable relative to other universities in China and is also recognized. Before starting campus students generally wish to know what subjects they will be studying during the course of each year and the entire course.


In some cases, this information may not be provided as yet as the procedure to complete admission is a busy one, so questions like these are not often answered. A full timetable cannot be given even as an example to students before they have started their first classes, so instead we are providing a layout of which subjects are done per semester, during the course. As with any kind of information of this sort, this is only an example and is subject to change. The information is only to ease the minds of students in order to know exactly what they’ll be doing per year.


· First year:

First semester- This semester consists of Chinese language training, which proves to be of an excellent advantage helping students to communicate with locals. The subject comprises of Oral Chinese, reading, listening and writing Chinese characters.


Second semester: Chinese is once again a subject in this semester along with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These subjects should be taken as seriously as medical subjects as they prove to be of extreme importance in medical subjects in future years.


· Second year:

First semester- Students now begin medical subjects such as medical terminology, cell biology, systemic anatomy and Embryology. Chinese language training is also done in this semester.


Second semester- Genetics, Regional anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.


· Third year:

First semester- Immunology, microbiology and pathology.


Second semester- Infectious diseases, pathophysiology and pharmacology.


· Fourth year:

First semester:  Lab and physical diagnosis, Chinese medicine and radiology


Second semester: surgery and nuclear medicine


· Fifth year:

First semester: Pediatric, internal medicine and surgery.


Second semester: Anesthesia, gynecology and psychiatry.


· Sixth year:

First semester- year of internship  and clinical rotation in specialities