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MBBS in China Nov 22, 2017

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MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery) is one of the wide courses in the country. Most people think the chinese has no better form or education but that’s a big lie.

As the saying goes “experience is the best teacher” proving the fact that I have been able to study in China and I am giving a brief account of what happens there. Students are taught while practising and this makes them have indepth knowledge about what they learn than in other countries where students are only subjected to reading ths book and later find themselves killing paitients in hospitals. Students are taught how to handle hospital tools and are taught with cadavers in other to have more knowledge about what students learn in class. This make it easier when students finish their courses and are made to practise what they learnt at school. Students fufill their dream of becoming decent doctors and are taught to be saving lives without having the mind of making money. Students are taught moral lessons such as patience and control of temper in other to deal with patience in whatever way they find themselves in. There are many universities one can choose from in China, therefore with the help of the ACASC, you can be fully assured to have a succesful medical course throughout your stay in China. 

The ACASC ( Admission Center for Advanced Studies in China) is a type of function that helps foreign students in the study of their field of study. You can visit the acasc website on www.acasc.cn and I am sure they will heed to you. They help many students and I remember they helped about 1000 students who onced had a dream of learning in China. The MBBS course is nearly the same as working in the hospital. Students are been given much advice and are careful when it comes to hospital matters. It gives students the boldness and the courage when looking for jobs or working. The comforts and the way the teachers collide with the students make students learn more and practise more of what they are been thought. Also students are given the opportunity to ask any question that bothers them. I think China is the best country every student will wish to study MBBS in and I bet you to challenge me if you want the best out of your career.