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Medicine in Hebei North University Nov 24, 2017


Hebei North University is a wonderful school and its courses are also amazing since I have been a victim. The MBBS course isbuilt up in a certain manner and it is brought down to the lowest level in which all students will be able to understand the course very well.

Students are made to practice whatever they learn or study and with this act, the students are able to memorise and remember whatevr they have been taught by the teacher in class. The school is been situated in the northern part of China. The school has medical laboratories in which students are able to practise whatever they have been taught in class. The school also has quality equipments and devices to help make researches very detailed and with this students do not need to be going up and down, here and there to make experiments and practices. Students are not reqiured to be taught or learn to forget so the teachers hereby give their best and all they have for students to benefit from paying them and for parents not to just waste their monies and everything they have for their daughters and sons to be just passing through the school. Teachers encourage students and give them the can do power. They tell students that the fact that they were able to make it means they also have the chance of making it so they should learn hard if they really want to make it in life. Students are reqiured to form study groups in oder to make learning easier for them and also to bring about unity in the students. If students are unified or are in unity, it makes whatever they do go on and they improve more and more as they intend to share ideas to themselves. 

Students are been taught in a serious and vigrous manner therefore when they go in for practices and experiments, they are able to attend to patients and also bring about different forms of ideas during experiments. Because the hospital affiliated to the school is highly ranked and is well noticed, they do not require doctors to make mistakes and to fail to cure a patient if the sickness can be cured therefore students learn very hard in order to make sure they are doing or at the right path and are also careful in treating sicknesses of patients. Therefore I thinkthe system in Hebei North University is the best.