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Office of the Registrar of the University Nov 13, 2017

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The office of the Registrar is the responsible for the administrative support and renders services to students and the staff of the school. The office was created to keep integrity records of academics of the students and the university as well. These records include academics of students, the school publications, and staff and committees records. One of the greatest missions and visions of the office is to work hard with whole heartedly to help and serve the students in order for them to feel comfortable on campus, academics faculties and departments.

· School Academics Scheduling

It is responsible for providing direct database to the directory office for approval and maintains the school’s academics calendar for the well being of the school.

            ·Students Academics Records and Registration

1. They are responsible to register every students for every semester

2. They keep the records of grades for every students on campus

3. They guide every student data in case of some of the students wants to change his/her results in their own way.

The office is always open to help any student who walks in with a problem concerning the school. We sometimes have seminars to guide our students through the registration proceedings. One may say registering is a tedious on campus, yes we all know that that’s why we are here to help serve and protect you from all sorts of struggling proceedings on your way. Our hallmark is to give you the best of everything that you ask of us from this office. The people in this office are well trained with great sense of humor to help any students from any part of the world. In every society there is a bad nut in the mist of the good ones, so please do not let any of the bad nuts influence you of how to change your grades in the school’s system, they might come in a nice idea to lure you into their group please if you are caught you would be dispel from the school immediately and your visa would be canceled immediately as well. If you have any problem just walk into the Office of the Registry and I promise and I assure you that your problem would be solve with a tickle of an hour. We are here to serve you all for the benefit of the university and our life. Thank you all.