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Reasons To Study Financial Studies Nov 21, 2017


As the term financial studies suggest, the definition of this major is studying finances which would prepare an individual for professions such as investment banking, corporate finance and bond brokering. These are just a few of the many professions that having a major in financial studies could benefit you in.


There is a potential for great earnings in financial studies and many rewards in different industries. This field has slightly more guarantee compared to other fields due to economic downturns and the constant change of economy.


It is often said that financial studies have a narrow focus, yet despite this they broaden an individuals horizon into other careers where financial studies play an active role. This field is filled with job opportunities despite focusing on only finances at the same time. Unlike business or accounting majors this major forces the individual to have a narrow focus yet broaden their visions in terms of career paths.


In all developed countries the economy is always changing therefore so are the financial regards. This ensures that the prospects for a job are ever growing and therefore so are available positions for finance.

Finance careers are always growing and that could guarantee an individual with a finance major a job in brokerage firms, credit unions, investment services, private banks, insurance companies and financial planning services, to name a few. The options are never ending as there are always changes and developments in the world of finance.


Careers in finance are always financially rewarding and apart from creating diverse options in career choosing, they are also very rewarding in terms of salary. The type of salary an individual would receive is of course dependent on the title of the job and it’s specifications yet most salaries in this sector are quite rewarding.


A finance major demands that the individual studying this course be outgoing and naturally inquisitive. Social skills are very important as well as friendly conversation. An individual wishing to succeed in this major must of course be good at math. Diplomatic personality is also of extreme importance. Essentially factors such as personality, intelligence and academic achievements are all important in this major.


The finance major is a flexible one as students can branch off into many other sectors guaranteed a financially rewarding future along with skills that will not only benefit the individual in their workplace but as well as their personal lives.