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Requirements to Study Economics in China Nov 23, 2017

Requirements to Study Economics in China.png

Economic studies plays an important role in our society as those who have completed their majors have become economists and help understand the dynamics of resources, their value as well their scarcity. Before an individual embarks on this path of tertiary education the requirements of being accepted into an institution must be made clear.

Below mentioned are the general requirements to acquire an economics degree in China.


As with all majors there are different courses available such. In economics undergraduate students have the option to choose between BSC or BA.


BSC students require high academic results in Math, as this major consists of studying the mathematical aspects of economics in depth. Students who wish to pursue a BSC must have more than just a basic understanding of mathematical dynamics. This course does not require A level economics but having one may come in handy for beneficial use.

A good background in mathematical studies is ESSENTIAL.


A BA major differs from BSC as it does not cover mathematical aspects in depths. Often, students who do not have good results in math, choose BA. A B-grade or C-grade background in math could give a student acceptance into an institution as it a standard entry requirement to have a mathematical background. Once again although a level of economics isn’t compulsory, it could prove very beneficial to an individual.

Personal qualities:

Chinese education differs from Western education. From a young age in primary school, children’s main attitudes are taught by teachers to be about humanity. Main concepts cover respect, loyalty, wisdom, forgiveness and honesty. Obedient individuals are those who follow rules with respect and dignity and those are the individuals who earn the most amount of respect in society.

Hence, it is obvious that an individual wishing to pursue their studies in a country well disciplined such as China, should have the above mentioned qualities. Having these qualities or developing this kind of necessary attitude will ensure that the students period of studying and living in china will be a peaceful and productive one.


If the student already enjoys a subject such as economics the task will have been made much easier. The success of studying in China is firstly determined by acceptance due to academic results, and secondly by qualities and behavior. Overall, the experience will be enjoyable, worthwhile and one which can only result in success both personally and academically.