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Requirements to Study MBBS: Hebei North Medical School Nov 27, 2017

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The Hebei North Medical School is located in the city of Zhangjiakou, China. The institute is recognized by health organizations and is one of foreign students top choices, when considering where to study medicine. The university is affordable, in an area of China which is not too overpopulated, and has granted admission to many international students from all over the globe.


All courses are taught in English and there is an international building for foreign students on the campus ground. Students have daily interactions with Chinese students who are extremely friendly and speak English.


In order to complete a degree in MBBS as an undergraduate student one would need requirements from their previous schooling career. This includes having a minimum of above 60 percent in math, a good background in math is most definitely required as an MBBS student. Students seeking admission into this institute must also have a minimum of above 60 percent in physics. Both physics and math are done in a students first year of the course and these subjects are just as important as medical subjects.


Subjects such as math, physics and chemistry are done in the second semester of the students first year and it is essential to have a good background in these subjects. Chinese language training is a compulsory subject done in the first year of the course.


Students who seek admission into this institute or who have already registered require certain characteristics. One such characteristic is that of discipline. Chinese education in general differs very much from that of western education, Chinese education demands discipline and respect and so it is important that any student enrolling into this university or any other Chinese university must have discipline when studying as well as self control.


View from a Congo foreign student: The university is affordable, and the requirements are not as high as other universities in China. With the right attitude and self control, you can succeed.


View from a Pakistani foreign student: The requirements in this school is not too high so it is easier to get in than universities in Beijing. Everyone is helpful, but you require a good self disciplinary character.


Hebei North Medical School does not have extremely high requirements such as other universities in China, in areas such as Beijing. The institute requires good behavior from students apart from academic requirements and students must follow all laws made by the institute and the government.