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Science overseas is taught in so many universities in many different languages according to the respective countries. Most students believe that science is best taught in overseas countries rather than their own countries which have proven to be true in some countries and not entirely true in some others. However the case overseas countries are competitive in science countries not only due to their outstanding technology but also due to their extremely competent teachers, example of some countries in which the above statement is taken to be true include; United states of America both north and south,  South Korea, Japan, China, UK, Russia and many more. Henceforth students are encouraged to join overseas universities to further their career choices and opportunities.

Science has proven not only the most encouraged career but also the most strictly taught and with the most opportunities towards a successful future. Most countries in the overseas teach more science than any other course be it business or art studies, this is due to a lot of students liking the science courses and most of all they like the outcome or results of the particular career. China however has more students basing in business studies rather than in medical studies not because it isn’t competent in the health department but rather due to its enormous economy growth it is however extremely successful in its medical universities with excellent and successful degree holders in the MBBS. The statistic shows the number of university graduates in China between 2006 and 2016. That year, about 6.8 million people graduated from university in China. The number of graduates in China has seen steady development over the past few years. Jiangsu province displayed the highest number of master or diploma graduates in China with about 485,000 graduates in 2015.

The overseas countries such as Malaysia, China, India, US and others have excellent surroundings which promote intellectual growth especially those science students due to not only its excellent technology which offers more advanced teaching aids such as advanced health machines but also due to its excellent teaching personnel. Talking about overseas countries has me basing on China and India as examples of the overseas countries, these two countries being among the best countries in the health department and giving out excellent doctors and nurses largely encourage students all over the country to join them.

Most of these countries offer some assistant to the students and their parents through giving out scholarships whether it is to the outstanding students, the socially active ones or the unfortunate ones.