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Study abroad for MBBS Nov 24, 2017

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The picture above showing the student from 2015 batch practicing on Surgeon at Hebei North University.

China offers an MBBS program where students start from the very first level of medicine to the highest, china is known for its skillful medicine, this means both traditional medicine and modern medicine. Traditional medicine involves acupuncture (the using of needles throughout the body for nerve stimulation), and the modern medicine is the one we use in hospitals involving diagnosis and treatment either involves tablets or operation.

All medical course with both traditional and modern are offered in both Chinese and English language so it is up to the scholar to decide which ever language will suit him or her best. That’s one among the best reason of studying in china because you learn a new language which will be beneficial for the future and can choose either to work with Chinese people (the natives) or to work in a modern hospital.

For the modern medicine it involves six years of study where by each academic year has two semesters and the beginning of a new academic year is usually on the end of summer holidays. Each year has their own subjects of study and sometimes the subjects are different per semester. The first year students have the general subjects such as general physics and chemistry with a Chinese language to help them minimize the difficult of speaking with the natives, and from second to sixth year there are subjects like anatomy, biochemistry, terminology, lab diagnosis, physiology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, forensic medicine, introduction of surgery , introduction to family medicine, infectious diseases, radiology and many more. These subjects are very interesting and are taught by lecturers with skills and qualified for university medicine.

The modern medicine course is associated with internship and this is normally done in the last year of a medical course, the student can choose to either do it china or do it in a different country. Take note that in china one can only  do it in china after passing the Chinese exam which is HSK 4, that way one is able to speak the native language (Chinese) and therefore ho or she will  not get difficulties when it comes to communication. And for those who will do it home must make sure it is under the supervision of a certified hospital or healthy organization. China medical universities guaranteed for success, visit for more information about study abroad programs.