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Study Abroad Opportunities Nov 21, 2017


Studying abroad is often considered a difficult task but is most definitely a beneficial experience to any individual. This opportunity not only allows a student to gain knowledge academically but to experience different cultures while seeing the world at the same time. Often studying abroad is to gain knowledge which one did not hav access to in ones home country.

 A country which has lately become popular for students studying abroad is China. Many different courses are offered in China such as medical, financial, civil, computer science etc. The choice is all based on each students interests and wants.

 Study abroad programmes are available all around the world for undergraduate students yet China seems to be the place that is often most considered and chosen. The reason for this is that China not only has a welcoming environment but is also quite developed in terms of education which is the main concern. Most universities programmes are designed for foreign students as they take into considerstion factors such as language barriers.

 There are far too many oppurtunities to be named in China, one of the most common being the MBBS programme, a 6 year long course including internship. The university most chosen for this is the Hebei North Medical University in the city of Zhangjiakou, a university with endless academic possibilities and a rich welcoming atmosphere

 Opportunities at this institution are endless for foreign students. Scholarships are an opportunity for foreign students and are given based on their academic achievements throughout out the year as well as the dedication towards their course shown.

 It is not often that universities worldwide grant scholarships to foreign students so this is truly an opportunity for foreign students to prove themselves and bring out the best of their academic abilities. Scholarships per year differ so only an estimate can be given

 As previously said opportunities are endless and the student alone can choose which opportunities they wish to pursue. Academically there is the opportunity to do well and receive a scholarship as well as to learn the Chinese language which will be of great advantage to the individual

There is also a government funded charity federation which inclines students to give back to the community and also gives them the opportunity to learn Chinese without the use of textbooks

 Once students reach the university it is up to them to explore the city and discover an opportunity to pursue, whether it be academically or environmentally.