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Study Abroad Students-Best Places To Study Abroad Nov 21, 2017


When considering studying abroad one is often surrounded with the question “where is the best place to study abroad?” . This article is about discovering the pros and cons of studying in a foreign country, more specifically China.

For foreign students considering to study MBBS, one of the affordable, recognized and well accomodated universities is the Hebei North Medical University in Hebei province, in a city by the name of Zhangjiakou. The instituition is recognized by ,medical and health organizations worldwide.

A general MBBS programme is a course which runs over 6 years along with internship which can be completed in China or in another country provided that it is recognized by the WHO.

 A lot of factors must be considered when preparing to study abroad. The city of Zhangjiakou is not only affordable but is also a welcoming atmosphere to all people of any race, religion or ethnicity, this environment is perfect for a student who is requred to dedicate 6 years of their life to studying.

The university itself has an international building where foreign students attend their lectures, as well as a canteen where foods are readily available for students according to their religious preferences. Despite the main concern being the students academic achievements it is also just as important to have knowledge of factors such as accomodation and climate etc.

Regarding accomodation, students have the option to stay on campus at the universities domitories or to rent an apartment of their choice. Whichever option the student chooses all students must comply with Chinas living laws as well as the rules of the campus or their landlord.

China often has beautiful weather conditions surrounded by beautiful scenery, around October the weather begins to get extremely cold and by the end of November it snows. Clothing and heating systems are available for all kinds of situations.

Students must be strong willed and prepared to study abroad in any country, and China has the tools to help each students individual needs. One cannot answer the question easily as to where the best place is to study abroad, but Hebei North is definitely an option for those who are willing to gain more out of their lives and succeed. The country and city both consist of welcoming atmospheres socially and academically which are both important for any individual to succeed in their desired course.