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Studying At University Nov 21, 2017

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The bachelor of medicine and surgery is often a tough course as it is, without being a foreign student. In china foreign students may find it difficult to handle studying while being in a country where communication isn’t the easiest.

 This article gives a few tips for foreign students to assist in both their academic and social lives while completing their 6 year course in a a foreign country.

 -The chinese language should always be taken seriously regardless of the fact that the major is medicine as Chinese will improve the students lifestyle when moving around the city as well as communicating with Chinese students and the teachers. For all students Chinese is compulsory within the first two semesters of their course.

 -All students must abide the country and city’s laws as failure to do so may result in the student being expelled from the university and being unable to return. As of recently teachers have taken precautions to prevent students from using diesel bikes as a means of transportation due to accidents, it’s recommended to use a rechargeable e-bike instead. Simple rules like these should be followed if the student wishes to succeed while living in China.

 -If students wish to do well and prevent expulsion it is highly important to attend classes on time and complete assignments as these acts will ensure the students definite academic success.

 -China is a country of strong discipline and so it is important for foreign students to show that discipline and strong will as it will help them be productive and push forward as well as see things from a Chinese perspective.

 -Respect to teachers and peers is absolutely compulsory as China’s policy do not allow fighting or the use of vulgar behavior as it is not becoming of any student. Students should refrain from any kind of violence or disrespect to people on and off of the campus as this will result in severe consequences for the student.

 Overall China is an amazing country to complete an MBBS course, and by following simple tips and rules it can help make a foreign students life so much easier inclining them to succeed academically and socially making the most out of such a beautiful rich in heritage country.

The country is welcoming and has high academic knowledge which should be taken advantage of especially by medical students who have a 6 year long journey to complete.