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The African Union in the university of China Nov 24, 2017

The African Union.png

The African Union in university of China  is an association made by the students in the school and the association is been authorised by the school authorities. 

The association is widely open to anyone who wants to join in the school. The association really helps the students in the school in manys ways. The association tends to also encourage students students also to learn very hard. Studnets learn very hard because they are been awarded by the African Union, thus the African Union make preparations and orders for students to really challenge themselves since everyone wants to be awarded by the African Union in front of the whole school. The association tends to advice students on the experience they have had in the school. They pray for students to improve upon their studies and everything that they do daily. The association visits people when they are sick and help to console them and to give them any advice and information they need to be well or okay. The association tends to help students by retrieving their problems and solving them through the school authorities. The association makes it very comfortable for students to live in the school and in the country as well. Students are then cool and are interested to live in the school and in the city as well. The association also supports foreign students who loose money and are in need of money. The association also helps more students to be admitted and to help students to study in China. The association makes rooms for students to study more and to learn the chinese language and to be able to frequently speak the language. The association prepares classes for the foreign students and also the chinese students therefore the students are been mixed in which every foreign student sits by a chinese so to make the language conversant with the foreigners and to learn more about other cultures