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The University’s library Nov 14, 2017

The University’s library_副本.png

The university main library is responsible for the management of the departmental libraries in the university. It also renders services for the staff and the student’s body within the university. The main library is the head of all the libraries on campus which made up of 12 faculties and administrative care. 

The University Librarian work in hand with the Deputy Librarian and nine heads of departments ( HOD ) in the effective and efficient running of the library for the betterment of the university. Power is given to the head of departments from the president of the school through which the librarian gives to the junior assistants’ librarian. 

There are 23 freelancer librarians that form the school’s library system. Out of the 23 professional librarians 6 of them have had the chance to be posted to head the departmental libraries. The rest remains in the main library. There are 5 drivers, 21 cleaners and 7 security personnel. They added up to the total number of the university’s library. The shelves are designed in a way that all students find it easy to locate any book of his or her choice. There are shelves for medical books, business, psychology, accounting, economics, arts, engineering and so forth. There are departments in the library which provides services for to students and the staff; they are namely, Acquisitions, Administration, Serials, Reference and Research, Cataloguing, Lending and Institutional Repository & Electronic Information Services. On the ground floor of the university main library is the Lending Department and the Electronic Information services. The ground floor has offices, reading area, photocopying area, information desk and wardrobe to keep your books. There is a room which houses the Library’s Computer Laboratory of the library. On the second floor of the library are the collections on Geology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Agriculture, engineering, Technology, Military and Naval Sciences, Bibliography, Library Science and other beneficial novels. The third floor has four chambers and a room which houses the Chinese Publications, Post Graduate Theses and Women’s Studies Collection. The Serials Department is in the third floor also. On the fourth floor of the library are the Architecture, Fine Arts, Languages and Pure Science Collections of the Students’ Reference Library and as well as students’ projects work.  The offices of the staff of the library are in the fifth floor and security cameras room.  There is a office for the president, his Vice and all the departmental heads in the sixth floor. There is one big conference room in seventh floor.